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“Excellent Standards in Smart Intelligent Integrated Security Products is the synonym of AxelGurd.“

AxelGurd is one of the leading brands in industry since last 4 years in the field of security products. We are expert in providing cutting edge technology in security & surveillance domain. Our product ranges from closed circuit cameras entrance security products to access control systems.

Journey Till Now

AxelGurd took the lead in launching many path-breaking products in its first few years of existence itself. In around 2019, the launch of MDVR, Dashcam, GPS, camera the total Security and Surveillance Structure of AxelGurd.

In 2019 AxelGuard brand-new generation MDVRs based on latest platform had a shining debut. Once these MDVRs came to public eyes, they’ve received popular positive feedbacks from distributers and direct customer around the world.

Also, AxelGuard is the FIRST Company in India to launch top hardisk MDVR AHD camera in 2020.

AxelGuard has also attained great importance to reach the development of camera products, such as cameras (ranging from 2 megapixels to 5.0 megapixels), HD-SDI camera etc. Presently we have maintained a long range of products which can definitely help you to find the product that suits your requirement the most.

Recently we have upgraded our security & surveillance domain by launching MDVR and Cameras with outstanding features and specifications where as the Wi-Fi based cameras are just a plug-n-play model for every end user.

In this journey of 4 years we have catered thousands of clients across multiple vertical of industry.

Strong R&D department is essential for AxelGuard to innovate and stride for excellence! AxelGuard has about 20 engineers and each year we invest 10% of our revenue to Research and Development. AxelGuard keeps technology innovation and implementation in embedded structure applications. All of these bring us in the leading place in the industry and guarantee excellent performance of our products.

AxelGuard has established the network for after sales service & support all over the distribution channel. The qualified and experienced service experts provide the quickest and best service to you. Moreover AxelGuard has been conducting the training for after sales service engineers through the regular training in the place of overseas partners. Headquarter of AxelGuard also provide the after sales service training to the buyers all over the world. AxelGuard also provides service with customized features and offers professional security and surveillance system solutions to meet various customers’ demands.

Our Vision is to establish the brand name of AxelGuard as the synonym of “Reliability and Excellence” in the field of Smart Integrated Security Solutions Provider. We want to establish AxelGuard as one of the highly valued company for the customers we serve, the communities which we operate, to our loyal and committed colleagues.

Oriented to the market requirements and keeping win-win cooperation as our guidance, AxelGuard is continuously developed to seeking market expansion and promotion, developing overseas customers, enhancing brand credit and reputation. Sharing the better products, service and interests, AxelGuard and our co-operators have grown stronger and better together. We have a strong team of technical experts who helps our end users and customers to provide them the actual solution as per their exact requirement.

Strong emphasis on R&D
Continuous up-gradation of products
Customized Solutions as per needs
Zero error formula
Customer delight and satisfaction

To be a globally acclaimed leader in Smart Integrated Security & Surveillance Products
To be a company full of new ideas and innovations
To be NO. 1 in International & Indian Market with Highest Standard of Products
To be the synonym of RELIABILITY and EXCELLENCE in this Industry

We, AxelGuard as a team is continuously working hard with extra effort to reach the milestone with flying success. We are more confident to win the race with every new joining hand in our success. The major role behind our success is our Esteemed and Loving clients who believe us as “The Best”.
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